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popcorn time apk

Popcorn Time Apk: It is an awesome app to watch the various series and movies online directly on the Android smartphone. The application streams every show and movie which the user wants to watch. A primary and an essential feature of Popcorn Time Apk is that it streams movies and shows using the file of .torrent. Based on the speed of the internet connection, the time of streaming depends on sometimes.

If the speed of the Internet is great and good, then the user would enjoy a lot, else they need to wait until the buffer completes. But, Popcorn Time Apk works best in every internet situation so there is no need to worry about that. It is generally advised to clear the temporary folder every time the user uses the Popcorn Time Apk sometimes videos get stored on their device.

Popcorn Time Apk Download

Popcorn Time has got a great and elegant sharp user interface. All latest and popular shows and movies are shown on the just the home page and the user can simply tap on them to start the streaming. If needed, they can even use the elegant sharp search option to search out their favorite show and get it streamed right away in front of them.

Popcorn Time APP Screenshots

The application works very well on any type of android device and no need to say that, it looks great on tablets because of it’s bigger and high screen resolution.

Popcorn Time for Android is one of such masterpieces of the internet. It allows users to watch movies and TV shows through the internet.

Popcorn Time App is not available on the Google Play store at the moment and needs to be installed manually through the official website.

Popcorn Time APP Information

App NamePopcorn Time
App Latest Versionv3.4.1
File Namepopcorntime.apk
File Size53 MB
File type.apk
Requires Android VersionAndroid 8.1.0 & Above
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Blackberry, Mac and PC
Total Downloads14,520,387
App Download Time10 Seconds
last updatedJuly 25, 2019

Steps to download the popcorn time app for android device:

1) The user will need to download the .apk file for the Android smartphone. As it has been mentioned earlier that the Popcorn Time is not available on the Google Play store at the moment.

2) The app is not on the play store of Android could be due to various piracy issues that the company is facing. Nevertheless a ‘.apk’ The file helps you install applications on Android smartphones.

3) After downloading the app from the website then the user must have to check the box in their security settings which say “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.”

Unknown Sources

4) If that option is disabled on the smartphone first enable it. And start the downloading process.

5) So after the download process is finished, then just simply open the .apk file from where it has been downloaded. And click on the Install button.

install button for popcorn time

6) Now Click on Next Button to start the Installation Process.

next button to proceed further

7) Now the app will be installed on the smartphone and simply enjoy watching movies and show.

popcorn time app installed now

8)Now enjoy any movie, Web series on popcorn time on android device.

Popcorn Time

Salient Features of the Popcorn Time Application for Android

  • The user can watch their shows and movies all over the world.
  • It streams movies and shows with the help of using the .torrent files.
  • Get started using it with a good internet connection.

There is no restriction on the number of times the user watch the shows and movies. The user can watch unlimited videos and shows.

  • Popcorn Time works for the best available version of the shows or movies that the user wants to watch.
  • The application has the lists down to the latest movies and shows on the home page for getting the easy access.
  • It shows subtitles of the shows and movies while the user is watching.
  • All the movies and shows are available in HD Quality with good pixel resolution using Popcorn Time APK.
  • The application requires the android version of 3.0 or more.
  • The size of the application is around 56.8 Mb only.

Download Popcorn Time Apk

Frequently asked Questions

  • What website for Popcorn Time application should I download from?

You can download the Popcorn Time application from the official website of the company for the newest and latest official version.

  • I want to protect my privacy of the phone when using Popcorn Time application what should I do?

You should use a Virtual private network provider to hide you’re the access of internet. This helps prevent people from finding your IP address and tracking you.

  • Is Popcorn Time application legal?

That depends on the laws where the user reside. For most of the countries, the answer is “yes and no”. No, because it isn’t illegal to install a program that can download through the torrents or to download torrents in general.

However, it in general illegal to install and share the copyright secured and protected content and since nearly everything that can be watched in Popcorn Time and similar programs are protected and secured by copyright watching movies or TV-show episodes in these applications will most likely be getting copyright.

New features added in the latest version of the popcorn time app

  • Added Turkish and Italian language of the interface.
  • Chrome cast playback seeks bar synchronization has been fixed.
  • Several many other Chrome-cast issues are fixed.
  • App support for Video posters has been improved.
  • From Now onwards the user can preset a maximum speed limit for downloading and uploading.
  • Now the user can watch the movies offline with the cached subtitles.


Popcorn time is a great application for watching favorite shows and movies online. Now the app has contained the offline mode too and now supports more than 44 languages. And with lots of bugs being fixed.

For more updates and latest notification on this stay tuned with us!!

Popcorn Time iOS: Seeing movies and TV serials have become one of the most need for the people of this modern world because watching TV serial and Films entertain people in different ways, some of the films and TV serials even inspired people by their inspiring act. Since watching TV serial and films had become a need for every single person in the world, it is seen that many of the apps for streaming movies and TV serial has been developed for availing with many different TV channel and films.

Among them, Popcorn Times is one of the most popular video streaming apps, which enable you to watch and download a different uncountable number of movies and TV serial for free. Are you among the iOS user who looks to have a good movie and TV streaming app? For enjoying watching your favorite TV shows and films on your Apple device, if you are then you should certainly go through this article, as I would let you know about the Popcorn times the best TV and films streaming app for Apple device. So, Why to think of other apps just Download Popcorn time on Mac.

Popcorn Time for iOS- A Complete Streaming Entertainer for (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Popcorn Time ios

Popcorn Time for iOS is a Film and TV series streaming app which allows iOS users as well as Android users to get entertain. Talking about this film and TV series streaming app for iOS devices you would be glad to know that, it is available for all kind of iOS device including iPhone, iPod’s, and iPad.

This movie streaming app is not available in the app store, but else you can download it by using the iOS installer or by jailbreaking your device through Cydia. Downloading this app for your iOS device, you would have a great time watching your favorite TV shows and films, as all the videos of this app are of high quality.

Steps to Download Popcorn Time For Mac, iOS Devices:

Installing Popcorn Time using iOS installer is the most accurate and easy method to install this app on your Apple device, viewed the below-given steps to install Popcorn Time using iOS installer.

  • At the first point of the time go for setting the date and time of your iOS device >General> press on the date and time ->Turn off’’ set automatically”-> and do adjust the date back to September 20, 2014.
  • Secondly, open the Safari and visit the website of this film and TV series streaming app, where you would require clicking on the green box for downloading it on your ios device.
  • At this region, go for the installation of this app by pressing the install button.
  • Now go for setting the date back hit on the pop-up windows.
  • Since you had gone through all of these steps, now you can stream your desired TV shows and films by this app name after Popcorn Time.

As you have come through the method of installing Popcorn time using iOS installed on your Apple device, now its time for you to know about, how to install this particular video streaming app by jailbreaking your device.

Installation of Popcorn Time for iOS – Jailbreak Method:

  • Firstly go for jailbreaking your iOS device, for the installation of Popcorn time through the method of jailbreak.
  • Remember your device must have a free space of 1.0 GB, to jailbreak.
  • You should not forget to backup your iOS device since it is much necessary.
  • At this point go to the setting of Passcode and turn it off, Skip it if you are not going with Passcode.
  • Now set off to iCloud turn it on and find my iPad/iPhone/iPod off, if you don’t observe my device here just skip it as you had done before.
  • From here enable your Aeroplane mode by setting it.
  • Now download Pangu jailbreak tools for your Windows PC and do connect your Apple device to your PC.
  • Since you had connected, click on the right click. Exe for running it as administrator on your PC.
  • Hit start.


  • Hit already backup.
  • Remember to enable Aeroplane mode by unlocking your device, once it will restart reaching near about 65%.
  • Reaching about 75% you would be advised to run page by unlocking your device, so go for it.
  • At this period hit will be accepted, where you will need to access your photo by allowing page.
  • So restart your iDevice for the next time where Cydia will be installed on your device.
  • Since your device had been jailbroken you iDevice, open the Cydia that has been installed and press on the sources tab, press edit and do press on the Add.
  • Now type and enter the shown URL from the sources on the enter Cydia/APT URL field.
  • Now return to the Cydia by pressing on the shown option after the installation of Repo.
  • At this point of the time go for opening the data themes Repo, for this press on the data-apps and just go to the popcorn time.
  • Well that is, now this movie and TV series streaming app will be automatically installed on your Apple device.


Popcorn Times is one of the best Film and TV series streaming app, which allows its users to watch their favorite TV shows and films for free. This app has been developed excellently enabling with uncountable TV shows and films within it HD graphics, downloading this app for your Apple device you can truly enjoy watching over several videos as you desire without paying for it. Hope you all enjoy popcorn time iPhone everywhere.

Popcorn Time Windows PC is an awesome application to watch online movies and series directly to your Android device. Along with Android, this app is also available in beta version and for PC. This app streams all the series and movies user want to watch.

The main and important feature of popcorn time app is that it streams movie and shows from the .torrent file. The streaming time of the shows and movies depend on the speed of the user’s internet connection. If your internet connection is good you will enjoy a lot or else you have to wait for the buffer to be completed.

But the user has not to worry about anything as the popcorn time app works in any situation. Every time the user uses the Popcorn Time app, it is advised to clear the temporary folders of the device as sometimes the videos get stored in the device.

Popcorn Time for PC has a very elegant and easy user interface. To start streaming you can tap on the movies and shows which are shown on the homepage of the application. There is also a search option which gives the user the option to directly search their favorite shows and movies and stream it right away.

Popcorn Time Download For windows: Install Free for

Popcorn Time Windows PC

Users can download the Popcorn Time app for PC with simple steps or guidelines. Popcorn Time app can be downloaded for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8/7 laptops. If you are searching for steps for the Popcorn Time Download For windows you can follow the steps mentioned below to download and use it. Below are the steps mentioned for the download of the PC version of Popcorn Time app.

The user must download two things to install this app on their PC. All steps are mentioned below and the steps are as follows:

popcorn time pc shows

  • To get Popcorn Time Apk on PC an Android emulator is needed to be downloaded.
  • In this Popcorn Time Android application, BlueStack is the best emulator software for the procedure.
  • Users must have to first download the BlueStack software from the internet to their PCs.
  • Making the complete download install the app player software, an active internet connection is needed for this.
  • After the installation of BlueStack software, the user has to get the popcorn time Apk to their PCs.
  • And then install this Apk with the BlueStack software.
  • To install the Apk, just run the file with the BlueStack emulator.
  • And then the Apk will be installed on the user’s PC with the help of BlueStack.

If you don’t know how to open the installed app on BlueStack software don’t worry. Follow these simple steps:

go to all apps

  • Run the BlueStack software and go to all apps.
  • The option of all apps can be seen on the home screen of the BlueStack software.
  • Here you can find all the apps installed in the software.

That’s all now users can easily use the popcorn time application on their Windows PC.

Features of Popcorn Time App on Windows:

The application of Popcorn time has some of the awesome and unique features to be proud of. The features of the application are listed below as follows:

  • The collection of the shows and movies in the application is immense. It shows the users shows and movies from all over the world.
  • The shows and movies are streamed in the application by using the. torrent file.
  • A proper fast and reliable internet connection is needed for this application to be run seamlessly.
  • There are no restrictions on the frequency of time a user watches the shows and movies.
  • The application provides the user with the best available version of the shows and movies they want to watch.
  • For the easy access of the user, the latest shows and movies are listed on the homepage of the application.
  • The application provides the users with the subtitle for the shows and movies when they are watching.
  • Using the popcorn time Apk users can watch the movies and shows in the HD quality.

These are the main features of the Popcorn time application.


This Popcorn Time application is an awesome application to be downloaded for viewing the famous shows and movies. Along with the Android version of the application, it is also available in iOS and Mac version and can be used over the windows PCs by the help of emulator software. So do download the application and enjoy the world full of your favorites shows and movies.

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Software Name
Popcorn Time
Operating System
Android 8.1.0 & Above
Software Category
Multimedia and Movies
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