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ShowBox Apk 2019 Latest version download for android mobiles / Tablets, PC and Mac

Showbox Apk is the international and #1 movie streaming app on android which Android industry has become very advanced and provides a verity of the collection of high-tech mobile phone services. Smartphones have been a revolutionary thing in the field of IT. Smartphones have been provided the absolute platform where a user can access as much as a feature as possible.

People are using their Android tablets in order to access the different variety of entertainment apps and movie apps like Showbox Apk nowadays. There are lots of apps that can keep us entertained in our free time. Most of the android apps are available for free that is why users are more attracted to an android platform.

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Android market is full of the number of entertainment apps. The Showbox app is one of those entertainment apps. Showbox Android allows a user to access the largest collection of free movies and unlimited streaming for TV shows. It is one of the best free android apps because it allows watching free online movies, TV shows in the high-resolution display.

Showbox for android is not available on Google play store so Android users will need to slide load it to the device. The user needs to download the Apk and then install it on our android phones.

Showbox for Android

The procedure for downloading Showbox for Android will be easy and simple. You just need to follow the steps. The steps to download and install the Showbox app for the android phone are as follows below.

  • At the very first step download the Showbox Apk File in your smartphone because this will not be available on Google play store. { You can get the direct download link of the Showbox .apk file at the end of this page … (scroll download for the link) }
  • Save the downloaded apk file in your android device.
  • Go to Settings >> Security >>Unknown Sources
  • Make this unknown source allowable.
  • Go to that location where you saved that downloaded apk file.
  • Click on the Showbox apk file. A window will appear to ask you for permission.
  • Click on Next to proceed.
  • Accept terms and conditions of Showbox.
  • At the end of this process click on the Install button and let the Showbox Apk install in your android device.
  • It will get installed automatically.
  • After the installation process, it shows two options Done Or Open.
  • If you want to see movies or TV shows immediately then click on Open.
  • If you want to go through this later you can click on done.
  • It may take some time when you open it for the first time.
  • Once it gets the load on your device it will show a large number of movies and TV show series.
  • Select your desired movie or show to watch and enjoy it.

ShowBox APP Screenshots

show box app
showbox android apk
showbox apk android
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showbox download
showbox apk download

Showbox Android Features

  • Beautiful and easy to learn interface.
  • Smooth updates
  • Favorites made easy to be followed.
  • Downloading movies and TV shows or even trailers to the user’s device.
  • You can watch your favorite movies on a big screen and can enjoy it like never before.
  • You can enjoy a wide range of Movies and TV Shows to pick from.
  • Simple and easy app to use.
  • The user does not require log in or sign up to use it.
  • Without getting any additional help you can download any movie or TV show.
  • You can select the quality while downloading the movie or the show.
  • You can share these downloaded movies or shows any time with your friends.
  • Enjoy Four different categories of entertainment.
  • watch movies in full HD resolution if your device is compatible with that.
  • Saves your data and enjoy it instantly whenever you want through Library option.
  • Get updated about recently published videos and movies through an update option.
  • Search your required entertainment stuff on the go through the search option.
  • It provides you a feature of genre’s listing through this you can sort your entertainment stuff in different ways.
  • The legit appearance which gives a great feel for the users.
  • UI is as simple that could be used by anyone.
  • The vast collection of Movies and music.
  • The combined experience of movies and music with great quality.
  • Servers could be switched in the player.
  • Video quality could be changed as per one’s device.
  • Everything is for free.

ShowBox APP Information

App NameShowbox
App Latest VersionV5.35
File Nameshowbox-5-30.apk
File Size39 MB
File type.apk
Requires Android VersionAndroid 4.0 & Above
Video qualityHD 720 Pixels
FeaturesLight, Genuine, Unlimited Free movies streaming, series, TV and music
Mods availableYes
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Blackberry, Mac and PC
App Download Time10 Seconds
last updatedApril 21, 2019

How to install the Showbox movies app in any device?

This all in one Showbox installation guide will help you to install the Showbox app in any of your devices. Let’s first get to know “What Showbox is?”

Showbox is a great app that allows the user to stream movies, TV shows, and even music online which also allows downloading the file to the device.

Show Box for Android

This step includes all devices which run on Android platforms like phones, tablets, and even smart TV.

Step 1: Download Showbox Apk to the user’s device from the links given below.

step 2: Before installing the app, the user should turn on the ‘Unknown Sources” in the settings menu. Settings > Security > Turn on ‘Unknown Sources ‘.

step 3: Now click on the app which has been downloaded to the device.

Step 4: Select install in the window which appears.

Now the user will be able to use the Showbox Apk to view movies, TV shows and listen to music from the Android devices.

Download Showbox Apk v5.35

Showbox for PC and Mac

Step 1: Download and install the Google Chrome Browser. (Skip this step if you already have Google Chrome browser).

Step 2: Open the Browser (Google Chrome) and download ARC Welder from a chrome web store. (

Step 3: Click “Add to Chrome”. As the window popup with options.

Step 4: Click on “Add an app”.This will make this app to get added to the app drawer of the chrome. When the user in a blank tab he could swipe the screen or even click at the apps button found on the top left corner below the navigation back key.

Step 5: Open a new tab in the Chrome Browser and select “Apps” where the ARC Welder app could be found.

Step 6: Now select the ARC Welder as the user will be able to see it in the app drawer.

Step 7: Select “Choose” as the ARC Welder opens with that button.

Step 8: Select the directory or create a new one for ARC Welder (the folder or the destination where the installed apps and the data are stored).

Step 9: Download the Show Box app (.apk) from the official website or latest version download from the below button.

Step 10: Press ‘Add your APK’ and add the Showbox. APK, in the ARC Welder by choosing the file from the directory it got downloaded.

Step 11: Select ‘Test’. (Note: The user could change the setting as per their desire to use it in a full screen or even the orientation, etc. before selecting ‘test’)

Step 12: The Showbox app will run on the user’s PC or Mac, now.

If the user gets an error message, try closing and reopening the app by Chrome > Apps > Showbox.

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Showbox for non-Smart TV using a Chromecast, Xbox, Apple TV or any casting device.

Step 1: Download the AllCast app from Play Store in the user’s mobile or on the tablet. This app is available for free of cost.

Step 2: Download the Showbox app (.apk) from the below button.

Step 3: Now open the Show Box app and select the desired movie which you want to stream on your TV. Now click “Player” and select “Other Player” in the options.

And even make sure that your Casting device (Chromecast, Xbox, AppleTV) is connected.

Step 4: Now click “Watch Now” on the Showbox app. Now you will be shown a list of apps which will consist of the different player along with Allcast app.

Step 5: In that list of app, Select the AllCast app.

Step 6: Now the user could choose the desired casting device which will be listed in a window in the user’s phone or tablet.

Step 7: Select the device and enjoy the Showbox on TV.

The above shown are the different ways to install or to view in different devices by using different methods. As for this article is the concern, we have covered all possible ways to install the Showbox Apk or even view it in different devices. If any device is left out and you think that you need a way just comment below so that we could help you with the proper way to use the Showbox android app to its fullest.

Showbox is a great movie and TV series streaming app which even allows the user to download what they watch. The best part is that this app allows us to do everything free of cost.

The app provides the best experience ever which includes the tile display ok the movie poster or the TV series poster which gives a legit feel for the users to use and interact with the software to the fullest. Showbox has a vast collection of movies and TV series which even allows the user to stay updated with one’s favorite as they could star their favorite show and the Showbox app keeps them updated in the ‘Favourites’ tab available in the side menu as the user could view them. The side me also comes along with the tabs as Movies, TV shows, News, Trailers, Favourites, Downloads, Updates and Music-has submenus which is a beta version. Under the music tab the sub-menus are Search, My Music, Now Playing and Queue.

download showbox apk


The ‘Movies’ tab in the side menu is the default tab which is on display when the user opens the Showbox android Apk for the first time which shows the tile of the movie in a clear view of the poster of the movie and clicks on it would get into another window which has different options like display quality options according to one’s device compatibility, player selection, server, and even subtitles if the user could subscribe for premium.

The ‘TV Shows’ tab in the side menu is the menu found next to the ‘Movies’ tab. Under the ‘TV Show’ tab, the user would find all the TV shows which could even be added to the ‘Favourites’ tab so that the user could follow the TV shows. This could be done for the movies too.

The ‘News’ tab which could be found below the ‘TV Shows’ tab. The ‘News’ tab is the menu that got added in the latest update by the Showbox Apk server. This menu is the place the user could find all the news about the Movies and TV shows as the news between the movies and TV shows could be toggled as there is a separate tab for both Movies and TV Shows. The News gets updates often in a periodical refresh which helps the user to get updated with all the updates regarding then movies and TV shows.

The ‘Trailers’ tab lets the user view the trailers of the movies or even the TV shows. The trailer tab opens up just like the movies or TV show tab which has a legit poster of the movies and TV shows. This tab had a toggle option on the upper right corner as ‘Popular’ and ‘Just added’. As the topics say, the popular tab shows the popular trailers and just added tab shows the latest trailers released.

The ‘Favourites’ tab falls next to the Trailer tab. As explained previously, as the user adds one’s favorites this gets added under this tab.

The ‘Downloads’ tab has the account of the movies or TV shows that had been downloaded to the device by the user. As this is the tab where the download files could be seen.

The ‘Updates’ tab is just below the Download tab. This tab has three toggle options such as Movies, Shows and My. As the movies and shows tab their updates regarding the movies and TV shows whereas the MY tab shows the updates for all the favorites that the user has added to the favorites.

And finally comes the ‘Music’ which has few sub-menus such as Search, My Music, Now Playing and Queue. Music is a great update, which has been integrated that feels like Netflix with Spotify. That is really cool. As the user could watch movies and TV shows, now as well as the user could listen to the music of their choice. This Music has a vast collection of tracks that don’t even feel like it is a Beta version.

The above all features are available in the latest update which is to be Showbox Apk (version 4.6). Even though the user has downloaded the old version from some random websites, there is no need to be worried about. As the Showbox server makes sure that the software is updated before the user could even use it. It is done as the user opens the Show box app for the 1st time, it shows a window to update the app, that gets updated to the latest version available in the market.

Users can download the Showbox app from various websites. The link for the download for the Show Box app Apk is given below.

As far as the source the Show Box app is compactable with the android devise above 4.0 version. Its best at the devices with is has its lollipop Android devices (version 5.0).

More about Showbox

Showbox provides you with a number of features. There are many more apps but this will not ask you to login or signup. Showbox Apk looks quite perfect with all these features. Showbox is an android based entertainment app that allows the user to access the huge number of movies and TV shows that can be enjoyed in high quality.

Download Showbox Apk v5.35

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